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Written by Pookas Kreations

The Aerodome was the brainchild of the Zimmerman Clan. The patriarch Oskyr, his son Nykl, Syth, and Yman built the first iteration on one of the upper islands of the Skylands. Cuperys is one of the lighter ones with little or no gravity depending on elevation.  

Purpose / Function

Many adventurous Skyland citizens have learned to enjoy the various sports and other activities developed here. As well as a safe place to learn to operate various sky vehicles for them and their children without the risk of flying away or crashing. It is one of the better locations to hold test flights for new airship designs and zero-G leisure pursuits such as ballet, dancing, gymnastics, sports, etc.


The original was for training the Skyclan's young on how to operate safely during caravan movements on the sky currents. It is a safe place for children to learn before they need to risk themselves in the wild.


The current Aerodome is enormous, the largest ever built. Under the locations' conditions, the structure doesn't need to be very strong, but it does need to survive the cold and severe wind currents. To survive the elemental conditions, it needs to bend and flex, not be strong but brittle. It is actually built across one large and six smaller islands because of the need for maneuvering room, with nets strung across open spaces between them for safety.

Built mainly of bamboo and fae iron silk, the building is very strong but flexible. After the bamboo structure was complete, Oskyr searched out a tribe of spider fae called Arafa Duzek. They make the best iron silk and he wanted to skin the Aerodome with this material. He found them after searching for weeks, he first needed to bargain with their queen Dreadne for what payment they required. He was requesting the tribes' work until they covered the structure and repairs as needed a few times a year.

The only payment they wanted was to be taught the engineering skill so they can make their own ships and homes. This he gladly did and helped them on their way to independence. A few did permanently stay in the structure for upkeeping it and rotated every few years. This they enjoyed both learning and working throughout their time.

Alternative Names
Skydome, Airodome
Megastructure, Land based
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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