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Skylandia and Skystones

Written by Pookas Kreations

Skylandia s most famous for Dieter Brightstone’s discovery of Oriculum and subsequent creation of the Skystonesand their uses. This provided clean and portable energy. He purposely kept the price down, because he wanted everyone to have access to this invention. He makes so much money off his products that a lower price actually helps his profits.   Since their creation sunstones have come to be used in most of their technology from lights to vehicles, this helpfully allowed them to ascend to the industrial revolution without the use of many natural resources that the Skylands Continent don’t have access to.   After the creation of this new technology, he has allowed others to improve on his work as long as he gets “royalties” from the use of his product.   Brightstone Industries is one of the most successful companies on Skylandia, let alone the Skylands. It was founded by Dieter’s son Jungen Brightstone and he has followed in his fathers' footsteps with the company and technologies. He is a generous person and a genius in his own right. Expanding the uses of skystones, the technology that uses it, and the creation of larger skyships that let passengers travel from one island to another and soon to the surface of Aquatica .
Inhabitant Demonym
Sky Gnomes
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