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Common Room

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Common Room is a large room running the length of the The Prancing Pooka . There is a bar running along the wall facing the main door, with the Hallway door, and Kitchen door on either side of the entranceway.

Purpose / Function

This is a room for people to mingle, drink, eat, and relax. There is a collapsable stage to the right side of the bar near the kitchen, but if the kitchen is busy, it can be moved nearer the large window to the right of the entranceway. Anyone that wants to perform can take to the stage if there's not a paid entertainer at the time. Of course, if their not good they could be booed off the stage. Some tables, especially near the fire, are set aside for board, or card games, etc.

To the left of the door is a notice board and coat hooks, to the right is a large hearth that takes up most of the wall. Trestle tables with benches on either side, various private booths, and smaller tables with chairs. Around the fireplace are armchairs, stools, side tables, and ottomans


The room is lit by Sky Stones placed in sconces mounted on the walls around the room. There are also various animal heads, perches, mini-balconies, and ledges set up around the room for smaller flying creatures, fae, and sylvans to relax.


Rooms on the rear side of the building were added, to allow for more Guest Room, as well as the addition of a Latrine instead of needing to use the outhouse.
Room, Common, Hall
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank

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