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Lumi Globes

Written by Pookas Kreations

Lumi is short for luminescent. These globes can be carried, placed in houses, on streets, on airships, etc. The lights are wireless and get their power from the relay beacons, these beacons are connected to the home beacon. 

When this system was invented, it was hailed as a revolutionary design. Its inventor donated the lights to the city at no cost. The Engineering Guild was furious that they couldn't excise a tax since it was a donation. 


The globes have various ways to control them, you can use a remote, voice activation, or a switch. The basic globes are free and upgrades cost various prices, with voice activation costing the most.

Item type
Current Location
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
They are made from moonstones, luminous moss, and skystone shards that resonate with the beacon signal.

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