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Sky Dancers Inc

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a group of Sky Dancers that have separated into different performing troupes. They started out as one troupe, that split up into different teams, later each team split into their own troupe but under the umbrella of the Sky Dancer Inc company.

Each team have built their own or various skyships that each portray a different sky creatures including Quetzl, gryphons, rocs, dragons, etc. 

There is a beginning team for training new members, if they pass the tryouts and learn enough, they get to join one of the official teams.

Each team has competitions on building their own streamership and choreograph their own dance. Whichever team wins, gains the honor of performing their dance at the new year celebration. 

Team members need skill, bravery, endurance, stagecraft, and flair. These basic skills are simple to learn, but it takes years to become a competent dancer. Taking dedication to their training until movements become second nature, and complex formations can be achieved.


Sky Dancers are a nomadic tribal group. They travel constantly wherever the wind takes them. Performing, training, and delivering cargo at need. To

Public Agenda

To get closer the the Quetzal of the Sky and other sky spirits.


Worship partly depends on your clan as they all worship in slightly different ways, but individuals are responsible for how they worship in their own way. The clan priest and elders teach about Quetzal, as well as other spirits and gods, but this is all open to individual interpretation.

The freedom of the skies.

Entertainment, Troupe
Alternative Names
Sky Troupe
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Sky Marks, although they mostly use the barter system.
Legislative Body
The council of elders, clan heads, family heads, and the skipper.
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities

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