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Written by Pookas Kreations

The Skipper is the leader of the Sky Dancers nomadic tribes. It is both a professional (business) and familial title. This is the head (CE0) of Sky Dancers Inc and also the “grandfather” and High Elder of the group of tribes. 

This title is elected or chosen by the elders of all the tribes. The person rarely knows anything about it until he or she is chosen.


Common sense, good business acumen, and diplomacy.


Intelligence and compassion.


They are the voice of the Sky Dancers, both in business and in tribal gatherings. Sometimes if the Skipper was a shaman, he may also run religious ceremonies to talk to Quetzal.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

They rule as long as they do a good job, is removed or steps down. Skippers can be removed for not running the business well, acting as a dictator, with no compassion.
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
High Elder, Leader, or which ever the present leader chose
Alternative Naming
Skipper, skip, ceo
Equates to
CEO of a business, high chieftain of a tribe.
Source of Authority
The sky dancer elders and tribesmen
Length of Term
2 years
First Holder
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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