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Volta Scirto

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the home of the Volta Scirto (Spin Dancers) clan of the Sky Dancers*. It is a platform type Skyships. She is mostly made from Lightwood, and various other materials that have been added over the generations.  

The skyship was originally built as a barge, a large platform that was towed between islands mostly carrying cargo, but passengers as well. It is now a combination of a cargo ship, circus, and a home for the majority of the clan. The ship usually only travels as fast as the wind, but at need can travel up to 20 mph. It can also rise to the upper levels of the atmosphere or descend. At normal speed, the children that are practicing their flying skills can easily keep up to the Volta.

Beneath the deck are rooms that hold the whole community, there is a market square, barbers, messhall, latrines, cargo bays, and anything else that a close-knit community could need. The net mounted below can also carry extra cargo at need, as well as a playground for the children of the clan. There are various motors, rotor blades, fins, superstructures, weapons, two large rigid inflatable structures, nets, sails, and landing platforms on all sides of this ship. A tentlike structure can also be mounted on the platform to protect the community from the weather.

Power Generation

The Volta carries multiple skystone generators, with backup solar and wind generators, as well as sails.


They have motors that can propel them forward, up, down, and backwards, depending on how it is rotated on its mounting.

Weapons & Armament

They carry two cannons, two harpoons, and a net gun.

Armor and defense

If they reduce the power from the propulsion, it can be used to power a shield around the airship.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Volta has an early version of the Autoscribe in the communications office.


A limited version of radio-sonar (a combination of radar and sonar) and a life sensor. These are all @magitech devices.

Hangars & docked vessels

The landing platforms are used to dock smaller personal airships such as Gyrocopters, skyboards, small boats, and anything else that will fit.
Tightropes are often strung up for the children to practice their balance, falling into the net, performing various skills and chores while aloft; even acrobatics.
Gyro Carrier
SDI (sky dancer inc)
Travel the Winds
Owning Organization
One of a kind
80 ft
120 ft
10 ft, plus 20 ft for sails
20 tons
40 speed
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
20 tons

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19 Sep, 2021 18:05

How big is the Volta Scirto clan? the article makes it seem a bit like a small village, but the crew/compliment lists 6-20. its just giving me a bit of cognitive dissonance, but i cant quite place why.   also, in the article you list the max speed as 20mph, but the sidebar has "40 speed." if thats a holdover for a homebrew stat block that should be fine, just something i noticed.

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