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Dragon Team

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Dragon team is the top team of the Sky Dancers Inc troupes. They are the best of the best, have the top players, and constantly win the yearly contest. They were the team that made the first Quetzal of the Sky ship. 

Most of the new recruits want to become the best so they can join the Dragon team. They live and breathe skydancing, comradeship, and adrenaline. The dragons consider the team members as family, sometimes even moving between clans to join the team.  

They were the first team of the Sky Dancers and once they got too large, they had to split into another team. This second team was the Gryphons, even though they were once the same team, they are very competitive.

Besides skydancing, they also performed religious/spiritual ceremonies, plays, and taught the young. Not all dancers did this as a full-time job, they often helped out in temples, schools, and hospitals as well. In the seasons of the “games” though, they lived and breathed for competition and winning.


The coach, team captain, sub-captain and the common dancer.


In the beginning skydancing was a way to show devotion the Quetzal of the Sky. They believed that perfection in dance, showed devotion to their god. Performing for other believers also heightens their devotions during rituals.

For the glory of Quetzal. Above and beyond.

Some good qualities needed in team members are
  • Humble, confident and skilled captain and sub-captain
  • Shared vision
  • Get it done oriented
  • Willingness to fight for what they believe in (debating)
  • Standard of excellence
  • Adaptability, nimble but mature team structure
  • Comradeship
  • Strength, dexterity, and endurance
  • Depth perception, excellent eyesight, enthusiasm, and hearing
  • Proper planning
Entertainment, Sports team
Alternative Names
Sky Dragons
Predecessor Organization
Successor Organization
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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