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Sky Dancers*

Written by Pookas Kreations

Sky Dancers are part of a counter-culture in the main Sky Gnome society. They believe that they should be nomadic people that travel the trade winds, and we need to evolve to fit the Skylands Continent, not to be tethered to the islands. Their society believes that they should follow the wind wherever it takes them, only setting foot on solid ground for a short time to trade.

They build their own skyships, wagons, platforms, and even gliders. Some have gone so far as to seek a skin-grafter to give them a gliding membrane or wings. Sky Dancers only use natural materials to build, rarely using technology or magic (and only then for a specific purpose).

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Such as Skyflower, Dancing Wind, Starmoon, swift breeze, frost zephyr, silver light, and so on.

Masculine names

Like silverwing, grimclaw, bluespike, frostwind, flying spear, whitetail, agile claw

Family names

Many of their names include words for air, sky, flying, etc. Clan or family names might be Skymoon, stardancer, lightning, bird, dragon, gryphon, blue jackets, wind, zephyr, rover, stormer, drifter, nomad, seeker, trekker, explorer, wanderer, discovery, boundless, air...


Major language groups and dialects

They speak Gnomin and Common. Also known are Sylvan, Elven, Draconic, or Auran.

Culture and cultural heritage

They began as common citizens of the Skylands but became enamored of the free life of the birds and other flying animals.

Shared customary codes and values

They are fiercely loyal to their family, clan, and people as a whole. One of their inconsistencies, at least to outsiders, is that if something happens to one of their own and they deem it as coming from their god Quetzl that they won't interfere, and neither will the victim.

Average technological level

Nomadic. Most prefer a life away from the drudgery of technology. This is not to say that they aren't smart, they are, they just prefer simple technologies that can be built by hand and not machines.

Common Etiquette rules

Sky dancers are humorous, gentle, and hospitable people.

Common Dress code

This all depends on their location and time of year. It can get cold in the upper atmosphere. They tend to wear the minimum needed.

Art & Architecture

Their most common art is tattoos, patterned clothing, painting their sails/airbags, and their ships. Almost any surface that can be decorated is, whether it is painted, woven, tattooed, or carved. Their art is highly prized throughout the Skylands.

Common Myths and Legends

Quetzl is their god, called the Skyfather. Some also follow the Great Spirit, a moon goddess, Luna, the four winds or four elements.

Historical figures

One day while enjoying nature Nidian Skyfellow, a forester, saw what he took as a sign. A Quetzl flying high above. He called to it and surprisingly it flew to him and told him of the freedom of the skies. Nidian took this to heart, and along with his family, left to the skies. Others who saw or talked to them soon felt the call of the skies as well and formed the first clan, the Sky clan.


Gender Ideals

All are equal.
Quetzl calls us to follow the winds to freedom.

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