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Star Weavers Guild

Written by Pookas Kreations

The is the guild that the Star Weavers created for teaching others, as a home and a business center. It is not an ostentatious guild, the members are mostly from the lower and middle classes as the rich don't usually want to work so hard to earn a living.


They have similar ranks to any monastery or guild.


Since the first guildhall was built in Skylandia Capital, the culture that had most influence on the guild was the Sky Gnome's.


Once the guild came into its own and started hiring out the services they amassed enormous wealth. Except for the upkeep of the guildhall and its members, they didn't need many funds for this.


The Star Weavers Guild is an organization that was founded by the followers of Max Heindel. After he and his followers discovered the use of Aether, how to contact, and gain the mentorship of the Aeonian.

At first, they were like a monastery, only concerned with gaining spiritual knowledge, learning mindfulness, becoming the best person you can be. Later, as they improved their knowledge and skills, the weavers began to find ways to use these to help others.

They began a school to teach others to become weavers. All learn trades, some multiple ones. It took years to figure out the structure of the guild and to recruit young ones to teach the skills of using Aether.

Soon they began hiring skilled operatives out to help others when things needed to be done. Of course, they are very discerning in who they work for. They are honorable in their own way, and every operative has the right to not accept a job or leave if the contract is breached in any way. Length of contracts vary and none are open-ended, but some have a renewal clause.

Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Aether weaver, aether mage, aether craftsman.
Leader Title
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