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Star Weaver

Written by Pookas Kreations

Star weavers are a group of people that study the use of Aether. They are an eclectic bunch and don't consider themselves to be from a specific group. Aether is hard to categorize, it is neither arcane, psionic, or divine but could be a combination or none of them.

They are mentored by those that call themselves the Ancients. Some believe that they are actually Aeonian , Astralus , Etherian , or others. These Patrons require them to learn the skill (spiritual understanding) each rune is based on, dedication to the subject by sacrificing time and effort. Some runes require more sacrifice than others. One even requires your death to gain the ability to resurrect yourself or others.



An open mind, dedication, willingness to help others, and to follow orders. Each patron can also require specific qualifications.

Career Progression

The Weaver guild has a rank hierarchy just like others of its kind. They are as follows initiate, apprentice, journeyman, master, grandmaster.

Payment & Reimbursement

This depends on their patron, it can be pro bono, barter, or payment.

Other Benefits

They have orichulum tattoos, one for each of their abilities. Orichulum is like spice to them, it enhances their abilities, but is also highly addictive. When they reach a certain level
  • Each time they learn a new ability a Rune representing it appears on their skin.
  • Aging slows down and they effectively become ageless/immortal, caused by spice.
  • Fast heal, enacted by microbial Aether spores, like nanites.
  • Linked to the Aether network (like spore network), when they dedicated themselves to the Guild.



To work in the service of others, to become Ascended, to help others

Social Status

This depends on the society they live in. Som revere them, while others revile them.


The Etheric Plane was discovered by Max Heindel.



Their mind is their most important tool.


The guildhall can look like almost anything, depending on the current guild master. Many decorate the building with murals, paintings, incense, statues, prayer wheels, chanting.

Provided Services

Daily prayers.

Dangers & Hazards

The use of oriculum can be addictive. Too much aether can be pulled in and burn out the user.
Alternative Names
weaver, aether weaver, spirit weaver
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