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Written by Pookas Kreations

Guilds are made up of professional experts in their fields. They are called Masters or master craftsmen. A Master is the 4th highest rank in a guild, only below a grandmaster and the Guildmaster.

Before attaining this rank the Journeyman must travel and work for various masters and on his own. On returning from his travels they must produce a quality piece of work to show their skill. Then, he must meet with a panel of masters to confirm his elevation.

Part of a master's duties included the training of Apprentice, overseeing the work of journeyman, and performing his craft for his own upkeep and the guilds. Some masters are independent of the guild but have to pay guild dues for the right to practice their craft. 

There were many benefits to being a master. They could choose their own work and contracts, have a shop of his own where he employes various apprentices and journeymen, even travel away from his town and set up in another.


Being an expert in their field and the ability to train his underlings.


The completion of his Journeymans duties and his masterpiece.


Training his Apprentices in their chosen field, as well as overseeing his Journeyman. Making a living at his shop, to allow him to pay his dues and uphold the honor and secrets of the guild.


Guild members were given the right to vote, the eligibility to run for public office.

Accoutrements & Equipment

They wore an apron, sash, vest, or jacket with the symbol of their craft and the guild that they belong to. As well as the tools needed for their trade.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Breaking the honor of the guild, by either giving up their secrets, cheating or betraying them.
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The Mayor of a town that approves the Guild Charter .
Length of Term
For life unless they are disbarred by the Guildmaster.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Professions

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