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Guild Charter

This document is a Charter (license) for the creation of a new Guild in the Skylands.


Originally, this was not needed, but as the years when by and the islands became more populated governments grew and more laws were created. Included in the paperwork is the reason for a new guild to be created. Some of the information that needs to be included is a list of charter members that will be included (at least 20 are needed), the skills required of the members (this can be altered later), a description of ranks (such as apprentice, journeyman, and master), explanation of the training and curriculum for the different ranks, the due structure and the membership benefits: such as medical, vacation, wages, etc.   Guilds cannot be copied, must be a new type of craft, but can be a specialty from an existing guild. Example: This can include a subsection of the mechanist guild such as propulsion or energy source.

Document Structure


Yes, it lists the ranks, their responsibilities and the benefits of the guild.


All guilds need to pay their taxes to the city government in their location.


The laws pertaining to the formation of a new guild.

Publication Status

Yes, it is in the public records office in city hall.

Legal status

This document is legal throughout Skylandia's influence, although some islands in the Skylands could have their own system.

Historical Details


The guilds began as trade schools and mutual assistant associations. Now they are much more powerful in society. Some guilds have actually created wealthy businesses, like Brightstone Industries.

Public Reaction

Some cottage industries that don't want to join the guild are often pressured by the guild to join or leave, but they can't officially do anything.


The government likes it because it brings money into their coffers and it creates a way to track taxes.
Licence, Civil

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