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Sunstone Technician

Written by Pookas Kreations

A sunstone technician is a person whose job it is to check on the quality of sunstones, to make sure their settings are secure, and the building is safe. They are tasked with traveling the region they are assigned every quarter, part of their job is to travel to all of their assigned towers and do all of the required maintenance.



Attention to detail, meticulous work ethic, good training, and safety standards.

Career Progression

  • 1st level is an apprentice and travels with a 3rd level or higher technician for on-the-job training.
  • 2nd level travels his route alone, with no supervision.
  • 3rd level technicians can choose any opening they wish and be stationed there, this is usually a town and stationary position. 
  • 4th level, they can choose a city position. They now have the responsibility to train 1st level trainees, before they start traveling with another technician.
  • 5th level is an expert. They now have the responsibility to create smaller simple sunstones, such as ones for streetlights, houselights, or jewelry. 
  • 6th level is a master. They have the responsibility to create the faceted sunstone batteries, to align, tune and repair any that need it.

Payment & Reimbursement

There is no pay per se, they are given food and board wherever they go for their services, and bonuses if they need to go into dangerous areas. All normal items they need are included in their pay, such as clothes, gear, shoes, transportation, etc.

Other Benefits

They are well known, by their uniform and their patch and are often given gifts of appreciation for their service.



This job is very important for the protection of the locations against the carnivores.

Social Status

Upper Middle class.


These workers are at least 2% of the Dinoterran, Saurian population.


Early in this profession, technicians were stationed in every city, town, and village that had a Sunstones tower, but it was discovered that they didn't need constant attention under normal conditions.



Tuning forks and other materials used for tuning musical instruments; jewelers loupe to check for flaws in the stone, small sunstone flashlight, magnetometer, compass, and various other similar equipment.


Everywhere that has a tower has an office/living quarters for the technician to stay and work. The furniture is simple but comfortable, everything that he could need.

Provided Services

Meals, laundry, and often a maid for cleaning.

Dangers & Hazards

If he makes an error when tuning the sunstone, he can harm himself and other by changing the frequency that it puts off. The wrong frequency can damage the brain through hearing and vision.
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