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Written by Pookas Kreations

Sunstones are only found on Dinoterra, they help protect the inhabitants from the wild carnivores and evildoers. Dinoterran, Carnisaur cannot come within 5 miles of a sunstone (depending on the size).

Every civilized Dinoterran, Saurian is synced with the central sunstone in their city, city guards and the military carry a sliver in their medallion (badge). Those that don't hold to their vegetarian diet and the precepts of Dinoterra lose their connection to the sunstone and are banished. If they recant and redeem themselves, they can go through the renewal ceremony. Eating meat and/or maliciously breaking the rules are forbidden, they will begin to feel the effects within a week. Common symptoms are debilitating headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, etc.


Material Characteristics

Sunstones are commonly round or oval in shape, and they have an inner glow with dancing lights inside.

Physical & Chemical Properties

They are recharged in sunlight so that they can emit their light throughout the night. Sunstones send off a frequency for miles around, the larger the stone, the farther the frequency reaches. Those that have studied sunstones all say that they have their own style of intelligence.

The Mother Stone in the Capital of Dinoterra, she is linked to all other sunstones, is at the highest elevation, and syncs them all together. She is the largest stone of all, at six feet in diameter. When she is at her highest vibrations of the year, she may also "calve" a few new stones. Many festivals are held to help keep her spirits up, as she feeds on good energy as well as the sun.


Sunstones have been likened to Skystones, but they are nothing alike. They are similar in look to amber but is actually closer to silicon dioxide (quartz). What is amazing is that it appears to be still fluid in the center. No one knows for sure what goes on inside of a sunstone but the dancing lights appear to be neuron-like.

Geology & Geography

The deep caverns below Dinoterra.

Origin & Source

It is believed that the sunstone cavern was once a meteor that fell to earth and buried itself in a volcanic tube. Of course, the volcano was plugged and the sunstones when through a chemical change to become what they are now. It is unknown if they were sentient beforehand or became so during the The Chaos Wars .

Legend holds that sunstones were originally excavated in the deep caverns below Dinoterra and that they are guarded by fierce Dinoterran, Carnisaur. Every 100 years or so, someone decides to mount an expedition to search for the Heart of the Light. The archives show it to be an enormous geode-like cavern, the walls are portrayed as being covered in sunstones. Rarely does anyone return from these missions.

Life & Expiration

Sunstones are not radioactive, although they do put off sonic vibrations (or sing). They are known to "die" occasionally, but no one knows why it is theorized that it has to do with magic.

History & Usage


Sunstones are mostly unknown to the rest of the world. A few Sky Gnome have heard of them, but none have been allowed to leave Dinoterra .


This is lost to history, but legend says that the Dinoterran, Ancient discovered the Mother Cave and her "babies", also called the Heart of the Light. They were said to have lit their way while traveling underground during the Cataclysm, centuries before the The Chaos Wars.

Everyday use

Protection from the Dinoterran, Carnisaur, also as lighthouses and signal towers.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is often called Light of the Mother, or Mothers' Light.


Only to those not synced to the sunstone.


Trade & Market

These are never sold, occasionally they are gifted, such as for alliances.


While in use they are set in a socket (like a ring setting), inside their home tower. Those that have no location yet are wrapped in a cloth and put in a box, underneath the Mother Tower in Dinoterras.

Law & Regulation

First, the tower needs to be built, location is usually decided by a committee. Before the final decision is made the committee consults a specialist in geomancy (Feng Shui) and an ecologist. This is to make sure that the tower is placed in the correct and needed position and not somewhere that it will harm the wildlife or environment.
Sunstones are uniformly an amber color. A rare, red sunstone is central to a legend about carnosaurs. This was an evil sunstone that was synced to the carnivores.
Common State
Orb or oval shapes, usually about fist sized.
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