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Written by Pookas Kreations

A guildmaster is the leader of a guild. He is elected by the other Grandmasters as the first among equals. He is the administrator of the guild, as well as their lawgiver and the "face" of the guild. Depending on the city, the guildmaster often has a seat on the city council, to help make decisions for the guild in the cities politics.

They set the prices that the masters sell their goods for or charge for their services, so no master undercuts the others for unfair advantage. They set the hours of trading, numbers of apprentices, taxes, minimum or maximum prices, etc. 

Guilds often band together to control the economy in the cities that they are associated with. They often have a lot of political power in the city council.


Being a good administrator, mediator, and craftsman. He also has to be able to talk well with others and know how to act in social situations.


Just like anyone else in the guild, they have to raise through the ranks from Apprentice to Master.


He was voted by the other masters to become the Guildmaster.


The guildmaster receives a monthly stipend (wage) for his work at the guild. While working at this rank he has the political power to help both the guild and the city. He will also receive a retirement stipend although it will be less than the one he received while he was working.

Accoutrements & Equipment

He usually wears robes that connotate his position with a medallion with the symbol of the guild. Of course, when a new guildmaster takes over he may change the uniform to suit his needs.
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
high master, ubermaster

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