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Initiate Master

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the person that is in charge of the initiates. The director is the first person incoming initiates see when entering the guildhall. They offer answers to the parents and incoming students. He often becomes a surrogate parent/guardian to the new young folk. To those that need it, he provides leadership, compassion, guidance, comfort, counsel, discipline, and knowledge to them in their probationary period while they are at the guild.


An initiate master needs to be good with people and children in particular. The need to be compassionate, have leadership, mentoring, and organization skills.


Initiate masters need to be at least 18 years of age but is usually 20 or older.


When a new initiate master is needed, he is either voted on by the current Masters or picked by the Guildmaster.


They create a welcoming environment to ease the transition from home life, set rules, create activities, manage conflicts, tests the initiates for competency in various subjects, and organize work schedules. He even manages conflicts between roommates, other initiates, or their teachers.

Many guilds use a Montessori style of schooling that uses self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. Groups of initiates are encouraged to play and work together in various subjects, learning activities, and games. They have discovered that this environment leads children to respond to their natural curiosities and build a foundation of life-long learning.


The director balances their busy schedules with an equal amount of recreation time. He knows that the new initiates need to have an equilibrium in their lives to enable them to reach their full potential in the guild.

Form of Address
Brother plus his/her first name
Alternative Naming
Teacher, first name, director
Equates to
A Sergeant in various militaries.
Source of Authority
Your Guildmaster.
Length of Term
4-6 years depending on how effective they are.
Reports directly to

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