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The Quetzl of the Sky

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Quetzl of the Sky is an airship that appears to be the Dragon God Quetzl. The main part of the ship is hidden in the mouth of the Quetzl.

Power Generation

The Quetzl is powered by a skystone generator.


It is propelled by air jets.

Armor and defense

This skyship is for ceremonial purposes, not for battle.
The Sky Dancers have formed teams that have built many steamerships, to portray various sky creatures including Quetzl, gryphons, rocs, dragons, etc. They have competitions on building their own streamership and choreograph their own dance. Whoever wins gets the honor of performing their dance at the new year celebration.  The performers in a sky dancer team need skill, bravery, endurance, stagecraft, and flair. The basic skills are simple to learn, but, to become a competent dancer it takes dedication to their training until movements become second nature and complex formations can be achieved. Many join the teams to have fun, but the best are in it for the comaradarie, and the adrenaline boost.
For most people, just the sight of Quetzl brings joy to their lives. He is larger than life and just seeing him brings hope to them.
Quetzl, sky dragon, dancing dragon
Where Quetzl flies, hope follows.
One of a kind
20 ft
200 ft
40 ft
1 ton
Complement / Crew
Over many years of practice, the crew have learned to perform the Dragon Dance they are a skilled team whose job is to bring the motionless body to life. They have created a representation of Quetzl to bring wonder to all who see it.
The only thing observers see is Quetzl, as the ship is hidden inside his head. Streaming behind it flows the body of the sky dragon, it moves along the air currents in believable movements. The Quetzl flies through the sky mimicking the Sky Father as he swims through the air.

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