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Sky Dancers

Written by Pookas Kreations

Sky Dancers are a group of Sky Gnomes split of from the main race for religious an political reasons. They are a loose group of nomadic tribes, which are also a loose group of families. These families change tribes often. Commonly with marriages and if they decide their current tribe is not making good business decisions.   

Each tribe is ruled by a chief and the high chief is usually called the skipper, but each leader can choose his/her own favored title.


They have a very loose structure, mostly based on family connections. The elder family members are usually in charge, but if a younger member is more competent then they take the position. This is al based on merit. Certain families are better at some skills than others and often hired into other tribes for this reason.  The head of each 
  • Family is Doyan
  • Tribe is Chief
  • Head of all tribes is Skipper

The sky is freedom.

Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Alternative Names
Sky nomads, sky wanderers
Successor Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations

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