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Skyship: BCL Arcadia

Written by Pookas Kreations

Skyships were originally created by the Sky Gnomes. Jurgen, one of Dieter Brightstones' children perfected the first passenger Skyship. With the first skyship, other floating lands could be colonized.

Power Generation

Skyships are most commonly run by a pair of skystone generators.


Brightstone skyships use a pair of skystone generators to produce thrust similar to a jet's gas turbines and are backed up with wind power, but other engines are constantly under development.

Weapons & Armament

BCL Arcadia class ships mount 4 magic cannons per side, with one fore, one aft and one in the crows' nest. Of course, the crew carries sidearms in dangerous areas.

Armor and defense

The hull is 4 inches thick, with a hardness of 5 and 40 hit points. The hull has a 20 fire resistance and 4 mages on board to repel magic attacks.

Communication Tools & Systems

Brighstone Industries has reverse-engineered a radio device from the Atlanteans. This "radio" is powered by sky stones and is linked to others of its kind via quantum entanglement. This device also has a "telegraph-like" function that whatever is sent or received to the other linked "radio".


This skyship has a "radar" screen, with a scry function, this is also a reverse-engineering of Atlantean technology and is powered by sky stones.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The skystone generators run lights and the environmental (heat/cold) as well as a limited gravity system to keep passengers and crew on the deck. There is a messhall for the crew and a dining hall for the passengers, a ballroom is adjacent to the dining hall, as well as a bar in both places, a game room, library, and sickbay.

Below the passenger rooms is allotted for cargo, the hangars, and engines.

Hangars & docked vessels

There is a "heliport" on the upper aft deck and an internal hanger on the lower aft deck. Two gyrocopters or small skyships can land on the upper deck and 10 lifeboats are stored in the lower, as well as the captain's sailing sloop.
Venture through the skies.
Owning Organization
52 feet
406 feet
50 feet, plus 200 feet with the masts in place.
10 tons empty
15 knots, 17 mph, 28 kph
Complement / Crew
45, including relief crew, cooks, entertainment, captain, etc.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 passengers or 600 tons in cargo.

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