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Akkadian Present

Written by Pookas Kreations

The present-day Akkadians are very different from their ancestors. They have evolved to be closer in appearance and abilities to other humanoids on Aquatica. One of their main difference is their light blue skin and technological skills.

Their scientists learned to create biological bodies for them and integrate their Krystal lifeforce into this new type of body. They actually used the technology that the Atlanteans taught them to be able to help with their jobs.

Akkadians gained many of the vulnerabilities of other mortal races. They must eat, drink, sleep, are susceptible to magic and the environment. It isn’t known if they based their new bodies on Atlanteans, Astralus, or a combination of many races. It took the first Akkadians many years to learn how to coordinate their new body, only the most dedicated volunteered as the first to be changed in this way. Most of the next generation were born this way, but some decided to live in the old way as either Children of Akadi, or Ancient Akkadians. 


Major language groups and dialects

Akadi, Auran, Atlantean, and Common.


Gender Ideals

All are equal in the eyes of Mother.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship was something that they had to learn, physical relationships were unknown to them. The first generation born into physical bodies had to learn this from other humanoids in the area, they were spied on by spore microbots. At first, physical contact was considered a sacred act, some were very reticent to be physical in this way and preferred to be cloned or to use scientific means.

Major organizations

Their first organization is @church of Akadi
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Related Items
  • type changes to Planetouched
  • lose lit from within although they keep lowlight vision
  • lose multiarmed, rarely (2% keep them)
  • Lose hologram, but gain a physical body, each Akkadian still has a small Krystal core at the base of their brain stem.
  • Lose autophobia, ingrained traditions, and uninitiated.

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