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Written by Pookas Kreations

The Starborn are a group of people that get together to research and collaborate on similar subjects. Most starborn are very intelligent and have a proclivity for the sciences. They seem to have a link that draws them to each other. Starborn has created a mutual assistance group that helps each other out in any way needed, it actively seeks to connect to other starborn and get them to come to socialize with others.    They are loosely affiliated with the Sabian Fellowship of the Stars and the Star Weavers Guild, and Friends of Quetzl of the Sky.


They are loosely organized in three layered circles, only the inner circle knows any of the important secrets such as anything about the Sabian fellowship.


They are first and foremost scientists and researchers, many gather for the social connections.


Many of the prominent members are rich and philanthropists by nature, they freely share their wealth with those they consider family.


The Starborn started out as a social club for like minded people to meet together.

Demography and Population

Starboard can be born to any race, but they have become common with the Sky Gnome, Astralus, Atlan peoples.


Your religion doesn't matter as long as you don't force it on any one else. Although, many join the Sabian Fellowship of the Stars.

Always seek knowledge

Consortium, Research
Successor Organization
The leadership council keeps a map of the locations of other social houses of gathering.
Star tokens come in wood, copper, silver, and rarely gold or oriculum; but bartering, or IOUs are also used.
Legislative Body
A council of equals.
Judicial Body
If needed a board of your peers is used.
Official Languages
Related Species

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