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Written by Pookas Kreations

honored one, ascendant, patriarch Aeonius Darius Shakayari of the Shakya clan (a.k.a. Aeon)

Aeon is the first of the Aeonians. He was the first to Ascend, but others soon followed him in this path. He became an energy being and was able to spend his time studying the universe and any subject that he desired. Even able to look in on those he left behind. He occasionally looked in on his family, past, and present. Lately, he started wandering, looking for a purpose again. He followed some of his people to Aquatica and has begun nudging some important or soon to be important people to improve the situation there.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Aeon prefers to wear long flowing robes in various colors, usually blue, green, or purple.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aeon was born into a noble family, in the Shakya clan but eventually renounced this life. His story began when he left his birth family to commune with the wilderness and the universe (similar to Buddha). He is searching for the meaning of life and how to ascend to a higher plane.   He was the first patriarch of the family that became the clan called Aeonia. They call themselves the Aeonians. His family became very well-known because of his teachings.   At first, he was a hermit, but a few people heard about his hermitage and decided to follow suit. Eventually, he gained a following even though he tried discouraging them. He never preached to his “followers”, he answered questions and taught by example.   Aeon encourages others to follow a path of balance, a Middle Way, between aesthetic extremism or sensuous indulgence. When asked, he told his followers that they should follow no leader, but to "be your own light." He tells others to do their best in all they do, always tell the truth, but temper it with compassion. Meditate, but don’t be slothful, treat your body like a temple, eschew harmful things, show temperance in all things (you can eat and drink, but not to excess).

Accomplishments & Achievements


Failures & Embarrassments

Some of his followers didn't stick to the Middle Path and corrupted his teachings. They discovered after ascension that they were stronger than those that haven’t evolved. Many became bored and decided to “meddle” in the affairs of mortals, they took the form of Gods and Angels.
200 before Ascension
chestnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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