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The Akkadian Codex

Written by Pookas Kreations

This tablet is crafted from a single slab of luminous Atlantean Krystal. It is light, surprisingly thin, and strong. The runic script of the Atlantean is etched on the back and edges. 

When activated, a holographic interface replaces the physical screen, projecting the information above the tablet in the user's field of view. The tablet is controlled through both hand gestures, and/or mental commands.


The tablet is wirelessly linked to Akadi, Goddess of Air , and the database on the Mother-Ship. All the information of the Atlantean Academy of Science and Mother Akadi's knowledge, and memories as well as those of the Akkadian Present can be searched from this and similar devices. 


It is used to research the information that it is linked to, by the user in control of it. There are many research centers on the Atlantia Continent and elsewhere.

Item type
Book / Document
Current Location
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
very uncommon
.5 lbs
8 in x 5 in x .5 in
Raw materials & Components
Atlantean Krystal slab, Oriculum, and various other components that only the Akkadian know of.

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