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Written by Pookas Kreations

Tintagel town (tente d’agel, or Tre war Venydh meaning village on a mountain) fort protected by the neck (isthmus)
  • Ruler: Oliver Padel
  • Holy Man: St. Denys
  • Population: 2800 people
  • Previous rulers: Duke Gorlois, Uther Pendragon, Tristan Trevena, Lord Wharncliffe, Charles Hambly, Ralegh Radford, Madryn, Prince of Gwent.
  It is a small cliffside fort that grew into a town not long after the Chaos Wars. Damage during the Wars actually caused damage to the isthmus that caused a collapse of the causeway that turned the land that led from Bossiney to Tintagel. This caused them to have to build a drawbridge and turned them into an island. There is a lighthouse on the cliff that wards off ships during storms. The land that the lighthouse was on became a spire, a narrow bridge still connects the spire to the island. The cliffs are filled with tunnels and caves, the largest cave has room for their fishing fleet to shelter in a storm. There are tunnels that lead up to the castle on the heights.  

The Isthmus is guarded by Bossiney Gatehouse, it started out as a small garrison, but later it became a small town. Various barrows were used to create a wall along the sea cliffs and across the approaches, which are breached by a gate in the guardhouse in Bossiney. Some nearby towns are Willapar, Barras Head, Trenale Bury, Condolden (Kingsdown), Mednadue, Starapark.


Oddly, the island has plentiful freshwater springs rising from deep below. No one questions where it comes from but they are grateful for it. This allows Irrigation of the crops and allows for plenty of drinking water. For safety, they recycle this water as a rule, as well as caching rainwater to fill their many cisterns.


Terraces were built along the edges of the cliffs and made it look like ledges descending down the sides of the rounded top of the island. They could be reached by either tunnel, steps, ladders, of wood, or rope. Because of the cliff heights, they decided that no curtain walls were needed, although the terraces had knee-high pierced brick walls for safety. Some of the crops they grow are walking yam, ginger, onion, carrot, parsnip, triticale, apple, grape, turnip, various bean, potato, cabbage, squash, herbs, pear, mushroom, and various berries, etc.


The size of the island limited the livestock that they could support, so many were miniature versions of the normal types, such as cattle, pig, goat, and sheep, as well as various types of birds like chicken, duck, and songbird. Seafood was also raised, gathered, or caught. They are mostly sustained by fishing, quarrying, and farming, but also by hiring-out skilled workers including sailors, fishermen, stone masons, and mercenaries. Every available space outside the keep had to either have trees for firewood or crops for food growing to help upkeep the town. Every time something was harvested something needed to be planted. Saplings and seedlings were constantly growing for this purpose.


The demographics of Tintagel are varied. Many species/races lived here whether in the sea below, the caves, or the top of the island. The majority are Halfling, Lutra, a few Atlan, Dwarf, many Selkie, and other Seafolk. This changed somewhat after the Chaos Wars, some Astralus, and Atlantean immigrated there.


The Duke is in charge of the keep and oversees the island, but the towns operation has been delegated to the Reeve of the town. The Reeve is the judge, headman, and guildmaster all at once. Sometimes he delegates the job of sherif, and guildmaster to others.


They have built a windmill, cisterns, lighthouse, stables, blacksmith, barracks, keep, guildhouse, agriculture fields, irrigation ditches, docks, warehouses, cave boat storage, gatehouse, seawall, curtain wall, etc.


The island is separated into military and civilian areas. Including the below

  • Keep and other military areas

  • Town which includes 
  • Agricultural, farmland, terraces
  • Industrial and crafts
  • Fishing--ponds, streams, and ocean access
  • Common areas including parks, forest, and open areas

Alternative Name(s)
Tente d’agel, or Tre war Venydh
Outpost / Base
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank

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