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Canadoon Penal Colony

Written by Pookas Kreations

Canadoon Island is the caldera of an extinct volcano. There is a lake at the bottom, as well as mudflats, tar pits, tropical forests, and grasslands. The only way to reach the interior is from above or by magic. The prisoners are usually gated to the surface, along with some supplies. Shelter and utilities have already been built by workers on previous trips, from when the colony was founded.    No guards are on the island, and there is no law, but what they provide for themselves. The designers of the colony even included a field that doesn't allow killing urges against other prisoners. Aggressors get a shock of pain, that increases if they don't relent, eventually they will be knocked unconscious.    In the first few months, the guards send food, tools, and books are provided, but after that, the prisoners are expected to provide for themselves. The books provide the knowledge but they need to do the work. Providing for themselves will include foraging, farming, hunting, trapping, and whatever they can figure out.


This island is placed directly above Terranus , below Lystra , to the right of Atlantia Continent and to the left of Nagpur. Its sister island is called Alderney Island, where the warden and guards live. They rarely visit the penal colony, but it's been known to happen.


Anything that can be found in the tropics can be found here, although not many large carnivores are here as there isn't much prey for them.

Fauna & Flora

There are tar slaads in the tar pits, mud elementals in the mud flats.
Alternative Name(s)
Devils Island, the exhausted pinnacle
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Contested By
Inhabiting Species

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