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Written by Pookas Kreations

The definition of a warder is a guardian or protector of a specific group or location. Depending on where he was stationed a warder could have varying jobs and responsibilities. They could have responsibility for everything from:
  • Hayward: guard the fences on the village green to keep cows away, or in charge of the cattle and other animals grazing on common lands.
  • Game warden: to hunt for the nobility, uphold hunting laws, and keep out poachers
  • Commander of the City Guard: leader of the city guard, upholds the city laws, sometimes even a judge
  • Castle Commander of the Guard: upkeep the defenses, organize and train the guard, and patrol nearby areas.
  • Prison Warder: in charge of the prison and prisoners, could also mete out punishment
  • Lord Warder: Lord of the Marches or border areas. Usually in charge of the area guard.
They have a wide variation of job titles, but similar responsibilities. Always guarding, protecting, and upholding the law. Often chosen and trained while young to fulfill their future profession. Many were sons of knights or other minor nobility, at times they were chosen from trusted knights and appointed at need.


Loyalty, military prowess, and the ability to command.


combat skills, weaponry, siege tactics, lead and coordinate soldiers.


Feudal lords often chose from their vassals, and trusted followers.


They received monetary, political, and honorific benefits, also room and board.

Accoutrements & Equipment

This depended on the type of warder the job requires. A castle warder is required to wear armor and weapons expected for his position. While a game warden would need leather armor a sword and a bow. A hayward wouldn't need armor, only a stave, crop or whip.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the warden couldn't perform their duty they would be dismissed or die in battle.
Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Warder, Hayward, Reeve, Church Warder, Game Warden, Castle Warden, Guardian, Garrison Commander, Guard Captain
Equates to
This depends on the level of responsibility that the warden holds. Often they are equivalent to a Reeve, Baronette, Bailiff, Sherrif, or a Knight
Reports directly to
Related Locations

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