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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the western half of the continent of Lemuria, the Devangari are a group of Naga animalfolk.


The Devangari mostly stay in the Western, jungles, forests and swamps. There are also rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, hills and beaches.

This island looks like a large mesa rising out of the sea. From below all that is seen is cliffs, mountains and a few beaches. A river exits on either side of the island at a wide delta. The majority of the island is watery rainforest and jungle with standing or running water throughout.

Fauna & Flora

There are many types of animals that live here, most are snakes or other types of reptiles. Some include (land sharks, giant snakes, purple worms, etc). There are plants of all types here, mostly water loving ones.

Natural Resources

Natural resources of all types are plentiful.
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Inhabiting Species

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