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Written by Pookas Kreations

Lystra is the land of the Lycans and all types of werefolk.


Lystra is a teardrop shaped large island or small continent to the northeast of Atlantia. Mystra is her twin to the west, the tips of these large islands face each other and from the air appear as the horns of Atlantia. These are the farthest northern land on Aquatica. Lystra is surrounded by mountains except to the west and cliffs to the south. The east faces the open ocean.

Lystra if covered mostly in dense mountains and forests, except in the center, this is mostly plains and rolling hills. To the south is rolling hills and cliffs, except a beach facing Atlantia. There are four large cities, which take turns being the Capitol for a decade, then rotates to the next.

Ever since their creation by the Atlanteans, Lystra has been the training grounds for the Elite Army, the Lycans. Even after the fall of the Atlanteans, Lycan never faltered in their loyalty.

Fauna & Flora

Lystra has numerous animals, most are more dangerous than they look. Even supposedly peaceful prey animals often have a hidden ferocity. There are a variety of plants here, most are very hardy.

Natural Resources

Trees and numerous ores are plentiful here. Although, there are few precious gems here. Water is scarce in places or is buried so deep that wells need to be dug.

This is the proving ground of the Elite Army of the Atlanteans. The best of the best train here.
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