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Hall of Justice

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is more than just a courthouse, it has offices for lawyers, rehabilitation officers, civil service, community service, police, judges, hall of petitions, etc. There are also arenas in case the defendants wish to use a duel, gyms in case a physical match will fulfill their honor.

Purpose / Function

To serve justice.


This is a long rectangular building, with various rooms surrounding it. The arena and gym are in a separate building nearby, connected by a cloistered walkway.


At the front of the building is a large set of double doors, that leads into a hallway that has a waiting room at the end. The hallway is lined with many doors and houses the lawyers, councilors, scribes, There are many windows to allow light inside, it is also headed by a hypocaust in the basement.

Sensory & Appearance

The majority of the building is white but is also decorated with murals portraying justice being served.


This varies from day to day, depending on the people seeking justice.

Contents & Furnishings

The furnishings are spartan, mostly benches, chairs, tables, and desks. Various rugs cover the floor in strategic places.


The only treasure in the Hall is the Hall of Records, but only to certain people.

Special Properties

Certain rooms are able to have a Truth spell activated at need. The Hall of Justice has various Justicars of different races that travel around in Conestoga Wagons. Each wagon is customized to the Justicar, they can have wheels, sails, hover engines, etc. 

These Justicars are like traveling Marshals/Judges/Priests of the God of Justice. They are designated certain areas as their responsibility to practice law and justice. When the wagon gets to a location, it sinks to the ground, a tent or full rooms fold out to become a mobile Hall of Justice. Of course, it is smaller, but it also has access to the Hall of Records housed in the Hall of Justice.


Many outbuildings have grown up around this building. It is more of a impound than a single structure now, almost a town.


It is a very airy structure, in warm weather some of the outer walls can be hid away and opened up to the outdoors. This is a very open building plan.


This building began as a small courthouse, for itinerant travelers. It also is the home base for traveling marshals
Alternative Names
House of Justice
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Each room is set to the perfect temperature, set to the occupants preferences. They can be cooled or heated at a command.

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