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Dwarven Peacekeepers

Written by Pookas Kreations

The dwarven Peacekeepers from Volcanus are completely impartial. They use no force unless absolutely necessary, and investigate thoroughly any crime that comes to their attention.   Every dwarf has a crystal impeded in their wrist at birth. It is not fully activated until they become an adult. This crystal has many uses, including identification, opening locks for doors, chests, etc; and allowing the police to ID and punish those that deserve it.   Some think that this gives the Keepers too much power. A few times in their history it has been so, but on the whole, they have been considered to be a neutral organization.


The ranks are as follows:
  • captain
  • lieutenant
  • sergeant
  • inspector/investigator
  • officer


The peacekeepers are just that, those that keep the peace and investigate crimes.

Public Agenda

They are purpose-built to be a neutral organization. Their captain reports to the mayor or other ruler, but they are not beholden to them.


Peacekeepers are allotted whatever equipment they need (of course, within reason) in the line of duty. They can draw uniforms, weapons, magic items, etc from the city quartermaster and other merchants at need.

Let the punishment fit the crime.

A peacekeepers' main tools are a Rod of Justice and a Cap of Truth. Rods can be used for stun, levitate, freeze, and other functions at need. The Cap of Truth is a hat that emanates a zone of truth, object read, and true seeing. Once inducted into the peacekeepers, a telepathic bond is formed with your squad. The Captain has a bond with his immediate subordinates and they with theirs. This allows a quick response time and no one being left high and dry when in need of help.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Keepers, Peace Force, Police, PKs
Vulcun or Fire Dwarves are from Volcanus.
Leader Title
Legislative Body
Lawkeepers (keepers of the law), and judges create the laws.
Judicial Body
Peacekeepers enforce the law.
Official Languages
Related Professions
Related Ethnicities

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Jul 26, 2020 07:51

That was interesting, but I wish you had gone into detail about how the crystals help the peacekeepers.