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Mining Guild

Written by Pookas Kreations

As its name implies, it is a guild for miners. In its later years, the workers of their mines became indentured servants or slaves, because they were cheaper to upkeep.


Guildmaster, master, journeyman, apprentice, treasurer, secretary, CFO, supply officer, Priestess of Domnu, etc.


This guild is an offshoot of the Dumnonii, which means the People of the deity of the deep or earth. Of course, this is a corruption of her teachings.


Starting out this was a mutual assistance organization consisting of 3 levels of craftsmen the master, journeymen, and apprentice. The master taught both of the lower members his craft and when they accomplished all the tasks that he set them they could move up to the next level.

Over the years, the guild masters sought to gain more wealth and thus prestige and thus joined into politics. With his new search for power and affluence, many guilds changed into more of a corporation than an MAO (mutual assistance organization). He added new restrictive regulations, that controlled the members below him. Those that wouldn't join the guild would effectively be frozen out, denied jobs, etc. He defined wages, hours, tools, and techniques, regulated working conditions and the production process. They sought to monopolize the market, by controlling the workers, product, supply, and time.

Demography and Population

The leaders are mostly Atlans, but the members can be from any race.

Mythology & Lore

She is the goddess of the deep earth, mines, dwarves, miners, earth, and the underworld.

Find the secret treasures of the deep.

Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Mining Conglomerant
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Miners Chits are smelted by the guild and paid to their workers as part of their wages to use in the company stores.
Legislative Body
The Board members of the various guild branches.
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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