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Port Royal

Written by Pookas Kreations

This settlement was created by pirates to be a hideaway on a deserted island that is beholden to no nation. It gradually grew into a town with all that entails. Soon independent businessmen joined their enterprise with the pirates. Eventually, they convinced the pirates to let them run the business side for them.

The town is now more of a seedy luxury resort than a pirate hideout. Many people of questionable reputations and morals often visit or even live here. It is very popular with these types. 


Varies, almost any race on Aquatica could end up here at one time or another.


There isn't a true government, people hold certain titles and there are some rules, but almost anything goes. Most would call them anarchists in both the original meaning and the modern one. The few officials there are can often be bribed into looking the other way for the few offenses that they enforce. Taxes, rents, and docking fees are charges and a few other items like tariffs for the upkeep of the town.


There are unmarked reefs, deadly predators, cannons on the cliffs, militia, etc.

Industry & Trade

Port Royal has grown from its pirate beginnings, they are still there, but are mostly considered traders or freebooters now. You will find most trades that prosper on the mainland nations, but of course, they do need to cater to the seedier side as well as the lawful.


There are inns, casinos, bathhouses, restaurants, and many other places to visit. Just about any type of store or business can be found here and some that cant be found elsewhere.


The treasure from a "thousand ships" was stored here at one time or another. All types of loot whether it be clothes, jewelry, ships,, equipment, food, etc.

Guilds and Factions

Freebooters, merchants, craftsmen (leatherworkers, wainwrights, etc),


The original structures were a ramshackle bunch and often fell down or caught fire, luckily they encouraged some good carpenters and stonemasons to join the town.


The island is at a lower latitude than Atlantia Continent, between the longitudes of Atlantia and Draconia almost directly below Terranus. There is a small volcano in the center, most of the island would be considered a bluff, with a hidden valley in the center. There are a few ways to get to the interior, 3 small waterfilled canyons,  4 tunnels, also two lifts located on 2 small beaches. One canyon can accommodate a large ship, but all the others can barely fit a medium-size one. Of course, flying ships have no problems at all.
Alternative Name(s)
Liberty Island, Fantasy Island
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
They call themselves freeholders.
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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