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Written by Pookas Kreations

Draconia is the twin island to Dracorus, it is the island of evil dragon-folk.


A deep lagoon splits Draconia from Dracorus, with a reef to protect them from predators. The terrain is heavily jungled, with a combination of badlands, deserts, swamps, grasslands, hills, cliffs, and volcanoes.

Localized Phenomena

Volcanic and geyser eruptions are common. Near the coast cyclones and hurricanes routinely arrive.

Fauna & Flora

There are a variety of animals here. Most plants are carnivorous, some even walk around and hunt their own food. The animals here have to be very hardy or sly to survive. Mammals are rare, most have draconic, reptile, or insectile characteristics.

Natural Resources

Draconia is rich in natural resources but poor in others. They vary from wood to ore. During the Chaos War any of the dragons gained a taste for sentient animal life, including dinosaurs from Dinoterra. So they fly to the nearby continent for their prey, to slake their hunger.


The two islands used to be one, but during the The Chaos Wars  and after the Atlantean fell, when Aquatica flooded the island became two. The birthing grounds in the center of the island became the large lagoon that is there currently. 

When the island split so did the dragon-folk, the evil one moved here, while the others went to Dracorus.  


The dragon-folk of this island doesn’t like outsiders, various things result from this encounter; everything from being eaten to being expelled from the island. They are xenophobic to outsiders even to dragonfolk from other islands.
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