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Written by Pookas Kreations

Hy-Dracona is the land of the Dragon-folk and dragonkin.


From above this Continent looks like two islands, but it used to be only one. During the Chaos Wars when the ocean levels rose the small inland sea that was in the center of the islands widened. Now it is a deep lagoon, the mountains that were on either side are now reefs to protect the area from the outside ocean predators.

Hy-Dracona now appears to be a large Yin/Yang symbol. Yin is now called Draconia, mostly evil dragonfolk live here; and Yang is called Dracorus, mostly good dragonfolk live here. To outsiders that don't know the history of the Continent, it is just called Draconia. Each site has its own Hatchery and Amphitheater and varying terrain.

  • Draconia's terrain is a mix of heavy forest, mountains, hills, badlands, swamps, grasslands, and cliffs.
  • Dracorus's terrain is the same as above, except for swamps there are jungle areas. Their hatchery and amphitheater are on the opposite side of the island, to the North instead of South.

Fauna & Flora

There are a variety of plants and animals here. Many of the plants are carnivorous, mobile or both. Most of the animals have draconic characteristics of one type or another. Mammals are few and far between.

  • Dragonflies are an insect/dragon cross with tiny multilegged dragon bodies and dragonfly wings.
  • Even some of the sealike around Hy-Dracona have taken on draconic characteristics.

Natural Resources

Hy-Dracona is very rich in mineral and plant resources. During the Chaos Wars, the evil dragons grew to have a taste for sentient mammal flew and some dinosaurs. So, they often make forays to nearby Dinoterra to slake their taste.

Alternative Name(s)
Draconis, Draconia, Dracorus
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