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Written by Pookas Kreations

Dracorus is the land of the good Dragon-folk and dragonkin.


Dracorus is the second half of the twin islands of Draconia and Dracorus. To outsiders that don't know the difference, they are the same and just called Draconia. A deep lagoon splits the islands with a reef to protect it from predators. The terrain is a mix of heavy forest, mountains, hills, badlands, jungle, grasslands, and cliffs. Their hatchery and amphitheater are on the northern side of the island.

Fauna & Flora

There are a variety of plants and animals here. Many of the plants are carnivorous, mobile or both. Most of the animals and even some plants, have draconic characteristics of one type or another. Mammals are few and far between.

Natural Resources

Dracorus is rich in resources of all types, from wood to oriculum.
Dracorus is the idyllic land of good dragonfolk. They have everything that they need here. Some do get wanderlust at times so leave to visit far off lands. Of course, most just travel astrally or send a messenger such as a Kodragon.

Any type of dragon imaginable lives on these islands, although only those with good or neutral tendencies live on Dracorus. Mostly Imperial, metallic and rarely primal ones make their home here.

There are also a few clans of half-dragons, Dragonborn, dragon-touched, and those that worship the High Ones here. As well, as various animals and insects that have been changed by the wild magic storms and the magical emanations from being around the dragons for so long.

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Inhabiting Species
Everywhere you look on these islands, the creatures have small or large dragon traits. You might see a dragonfly as a tiny dragon with dragonfly wings or a mouse with a dragon head and feet but totally covered in fur. Sometimes its just wings or scales, while other times its most of the body. Or a snapdragon flower, with just the flower slightly shaped like a dragon, that nips at people walking but or eating bugs.

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