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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a type of Deva-Nagaru. They are an aquatic race, with the lower body of an eel or sea snake and the upper body of a humanoid.   The area around Slithoria that the Marindara live, is a harsh place to live. There is life here, but you need to be strong to survive. Every opportunity needs to be taken, preparedness and skills are often the keys to survival.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ariel, marin, oceane, pasha, ava, adella, azalea, brizo, alana, amaris, amelia, andrina, aqua, aquata, aurai, avalon, breena, cala, calissa, coralia, coralina, darya, doris, echo, jewel, kaia, lana, lyla, naia, naida, nixie, oona, star, sirena, coral, moana, mae, niamh, vivian, waverly, derya, erwyn

Masculine names

Hurley, kai, mar, marin, caspian, dominic, dylan, gil, irving, mervin, murray, ryn, seaton, Seeger, triton, zale, bayou, briz, devon, galen, cliff, delta, fjord, gael, firthin, cobalt, cian, gulliver, keanu, kelpie, lyle, loch, mendian, moshe, reef, ramsay, river, shaun, ryba, storm, caspar, dillon, casllyr, kano, trai, ronan, troy, zamir

Unisex names

namiko, nix, sabine, urim/ine, baia,


Beauty Ideals

The length, shape, and color of the tail are very important to prospective mates. The more intricated the photophore bioluminescence is, the better.

Gender Ideals

Marindaga's have a matriarchal society, although males are in change during wartime. Except for the ruling class, every other facet of their society is equal.

Courtship Ideals

Females have their choice of a mate, they can take one or as many as they like. After their young are weaned, the males raised them from then on. Pairings are most often chosen by their family to keep the line strong or to strengthen it further.

Relationship Ideals

Children are important to the Marindaga, the next generation needs to be protected for them to survive. Their environment is very harsh and the infant death rate is high.
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