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Written by Pookas Kreations

Land of the Fiends, Earth and Fire Elementals, evil outsiders, Furians, and shadowfolk. Most of these are evil, neutral or chaotic.


This is a dark and deadly land filled with many dangers. The rivers are of lava, mercury or other poisonous/polluted liquids; acid rain, fissures open/close without warning, geysers, steam vents, smoke, and ash constantly floats through the air. Pure air and water are rare.

There are dense mountains, badlands, swamps, deserts, bogs, as well as all of the above. Just living is a trial, thriving is almost impossible.

Fauna & Flora

What few trees that are here are stunted and contorted. Only hardy plants can survive here. Cactus and other thorny plants thrive here as well as a variety of poisonous and carnivorous ones.

Natural Resources

Various minerals are found here, the problem is the extraction of them. It is very dangerous just to survive here let alone mine.

During the Chaos Wars, where different Planes intersect with the planet, started bleeding through. Luckily none of the high-level Demons that live there decided to come to visit only some low-level ones meandered in, some to stay.

During their Adulthood rite trial, young Fire Dwarves are sent to Teranik. They are to survive or die. Those that survive become adults. What most of the Fire Dwarves don't know is that some don't die but decide to stay and live underground here. These Dwarves become Furians.

Furians are small instead of medium because of the harshness of the terrain and lack of food. They have adapted to the deep caves that are their new homes. To live on the surface is a certain death.

Alternative Name(s)
Hy Terana, Hy Ferys, Hy Volcania, The Dark Continent
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Included Organizations
Inhabiting Species

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