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WSL Princess Victoria Louise

Written by Pookas Kreations

Princess Victoria Louise is a large ship that was commissioned by Albert Balin, a rich socialite that loves to party while sailing around the world. It was built in the style of the White Star Line.


It was built with a combination of futuristic and old-world styles, the technology is well hidden but prevalent. The decorations are opulent and decadent.


There are a variety of rooms throughout the ship with the largest being a combination of social, dining, art gallery, and ballroom. A sliding wall can open up to a pool/gym area. A promenade overlooks these areas with doors opening up to a library/study, bar/private dining area, and living quarters for 100 rooms. The service area such as the kitchen is below decks, and the open deck can be used in various ways. 


In later years Balin had the ship retrofitted to be used as a skyship so he could visit the Skylands and various other hard-to-reach destinations.


Princess Victoria looks to be a common yacht or light schooner with various additions. She usually sails slowly, but she can be fast and agile at need. Fitted with sails, but was also powered by a skystone generator and twin screw motors. Without the motors, her speed is 20 mph, but with them, she can go 40 mph at cruising speed, and 120 mph at ramming speed. After her retrofit, her speed doubled in the air without the drag of the water.


To take to the air, her sails need to be reconfigured and an extra two engines exposed, as well as one to four airbags, deployed.


The captain is Horatio Brunswig, he is an Atlan as well as most of the crew, with a few Lutra, aquatic halflings, and others mixed in.

Power Generation

She is powered by a Sky Stone Generator which is recharged by the sun and wind.


She is propelled by a combination of sails, and twin-screw motors.

Weapons & Armament

She has various hidden armaments, including cannons, multiguns, lasers, sonic cannons, net launchers, etc.

Armor and defense

Shield generator, antimagic field.

Communication Tools & Systems



Radar and sonar.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Most high-tech systems are hidden away until needed.

Hangars & docked vessels

Moonpool on the lower deck, as well as multiple smaller away boats.
Princess Victoria
Party Time
Owning Organization
Current location
10 million gp
One of a kind
Related Technologies
50 ft
150 ft
120 ft
1500 tons
Sails 20, motor 40, ramming speed 120, Flying 40, 80 and 240.
Complement / Crew
20 not counting the unseen servants
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
500 tons cargo, 200 passengers

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