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Selustration of Orion

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a celebration of the coming of the Twin Flames. The Twin Flames are believed to be the children conceived from the Sisters of Orion.    Usually, they come in pairs/twins and wander into town as children or preteens from the wilderness and claim kinship with their father. Some come in same-sex pairs, while at other times male and female or even hermaphrodite or androgynous.    They portray many characteristics of their mothers. They have special abilities that have helped their people in various ways. Often treated as Magi, many have abilities pertaining to the water or other natural elements.


The first of the Twin Flames were sent to their fathers because they were too much like them and not enough like their mothers. The Sisters of Orion, seek certain traits in their offspring and reject the others. This is how the Elf and other races were created, as a crossing with Astralus genes.    Their fathers and others, consider it a gift from the gods of Orion to send the Twin Flames to enrich their lives. The Twin Flames are wise and serene, with a strong connection to nature and each other.


Everywhere celebrates this differently, but usually their are parades, dancing, feats, a party, prayers of thanksgiving to the gods, and gifts to holy sites or natural shrines.

Components and tools

Robes, festive masks, ritual jewelry, musical instruments, etc.


The Twin Flames and their fathers, local or regional religious leaders.


It is celebrated every 4 years, an odd spacing to be sure. One reason is that the children age only one year for every four, similar to a leap years accounting. The day of the Selustraion is celebrated during the three days of conjunction between Orion and the moon Pearyl. The ritual is based on the lunar cycles.
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