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Halfling War Wagon

It is a combination of a chariot, wagon, and siege engine. It is Duke Ironhoof's creation, he had the idea, but someone else built it for him. Eventually, he gave over the manufacturing to the military arm of the Church of Bel Mithra


This vehicle is similar to the Chariot, War but designed specifically for Halflings. It is an offensive vehicle that protects the beings inside and allows them to attack the enemies.


The wagon is built very sturdy, with large wheels so it can be pulled over rough terrain without the auroch having to slow, some of them are even made to detach so that it can be used as a stationary war tower that the rest of the unit can rally around.


Like most chariots, war wagons are meant to either do wheeling runs along the enemy lines or to drive straight through them, then wheel around and hit the rear of their unit.


They are usually drawn by an Auroch, or 4 normal bulls.

Weapons & Armament

Two or more giant crossbows are mounted on the sides of this vehicle.

Armor and defense

Often, the top is protected by a turtle-like roof that is retractable, and the walls are armored, to allow the whole structure to be used as a siege tower, there are also retractable bridges.
turtle tank or war tank
Owning Organization
Current location
400 gp
Very Uncommon
Related Technologies
30 ft
5 ft per level, 20-40 ft depending on how many floors
1-2 tons
40 ft
Complement / Crew
These wagons have 2 or more pairs of wheels and 2-4 levels. the driver, 5 marines, or a combination of marines and archers. a mixture of archers and

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