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Bull drawn chariot

Written by Pookas Kreations

Chosen of Bel, venerated Mithra so much that they emulated him in many ways. One of the most interesting is training bulls to draw chariots. This took many years in practice. Bulls aren't as fast in short bursts, but they have much more strength and stamina than horses do. Because of their temperament, they usually pull singly or in sibling pairs. They are not always bulls either, steers, and cows are often used as well. Cows and steers are often less temperamental, but in war, this is not a trait that is wanted.


These chariots were made in various ways. If it was drawn by one bull, then he was yoked between two poles and was harnessed to them. A pair was harnessed or yoked to a central pole but separated so they couldn't attack each other. Either of these poles were fastened to the front of the chariot. The reins can be attached to the pivoting yoke pole or through rings attached to the collar bands and were long enough to be wrapped around the charioteer to keep his hands free for defense.

The wheels and "car" were usually constructed of wood and strengthened with bronze or metal. Of course, there are many variations, such as basket types, hide, etc. Wheels commonly were solid or had 4-8 spokes and "tires" of metal.


The "car" was built in various ways:

  • a seat up front, with cargo or space for soldiers or archers. Sometimes with a 3 ft high front and/or sidewalls for protection.
  • an open basket (car) with no seat, standing room only, will carry 2-4 soldiers.
  • a flat platform with just a rail to hold on to, no "car".
  • a seat mounted to the axle with a rail on each side as a guard from the wheels. With or without a rear platform for soldiers.
  • another type was an enclosed car, to protect from ranged attacks.


Muscle (pulled; 2 Medium creatures or 1 Large creature). 2 bulls or 1 auroch.

Armor and defense

The war chariot only had the walls for defense, although magical defenses could be added.
When the bull drawn chariots were first used they caused terror on the battlefield. Large bulls trained for war, pulling a chariot with soldiers inside, who wouldn't have been scared. In chariot fighting the Chosen of Bel begin by driving all over the field hurling javelins, and generally, the terror inspired by the bulls and the noise of the wheels were sufficient to throw their opponents' ranks into disorder. I don't think even a shield wall could stop a charging bull.
Combat chariot, biga, gurdia, kocti, carro, kreta, currus, rig, harma, etc.
Owning Organization
50 gp
5 ft.
10 ft.
5 ft.
40 ft, pair 80 ft.
Complement / Crew
1 driver.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1-4 soldiers depending on size.

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