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Chariot, War

Written by Pookas Kreations

A chariot is usually an open, 2-4 wheeled vehicle of war. This war chariot was developed to be pulled by an Auroch . The chariot is larger than one pulled by a horse because of the size of the Auroch. Chariot is considered to be large or huge depending on the size of the Auroch pulling it. An Auroch is slower than a horse, but has higher stamina and pulling power.

The chariots needed to be built very sturdily, because of the Auroch’s strength they often break down. They are expensive to build and maintain. Mostly flat ground is needed for them to be effective in battle. Repair teams often travel with the company, to do maintenance as required.

The type of chariot depends on the driver race, with a medium-size race it would be one level and have enough room for 1 driver and 5 passengers or fighters. The usual complement is 3 archers and 2 marines. If the race is small, the chariot can have two levels along with ammunition storage and the compliment can be doubled.


The chariot can be open, covered, or a combination. They often also have small canons or ballista mounted to the sides or to the rear. A few even have a short tower-mounted onto the chariot, these usually have 4 to 6 wheels. An Auroch can pull a lot of weight, so most chariots are covered in armor as well as the Auroch.


An Auroch that pulls one of these war chariots is proud to have been chosen as this is a high honor. They love to show their usefulness to their father [Bel Mithra . To die in the service of others brings the highest honor.

Weapons & Armament

Those carried by the fighters, a light cannon, or ballista.

Armor and defense

Armor can vary from plating, shields, a roof, etc.
Owning Organization
Related Professions
200 + gp
Related Technologies
10 ft
15 ft
5 ft
80 ft
Complement / Crew
Medium 5/1, Small 10/1

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