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Brigid, Goddess of Creativity

Written by Pookas Kreations

Goddess Brigid Kildare (a.k.a. Brid, bri, bellit, bree, brid, brigantia, brigit, bright one, fiery arrow, powerful one, high one, lady of the sacred flame, eternal flame of life, flame of inspiration,)

Brigid is a Goddess of creativity, she is associated with wisdom, fire and hot springs, inspiration, healing, protection, and craftsmen. She is often hailed as a triple goddess, no one knows if she is one of triplets or if she is the face of a trinary being. Often seen as maiden, mother, and crone; inspiration, healer, and smith (or craftsman).

Divine Domains

Her domains are wisdom, fire and hot springs, inspiration, wells and running water, healing, protection, and craftsmen.


Light hammer, oval shield, golden cloak, bronze torq, bronze broach, smithing forge and anvil, blacksmith tools.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Brigid cross (equilateral), holy wells, eternal flame, spring, hot springs, healing serpent (asclepius)


In many areas, she is venerated in the second month of the year in the spring. A fire is kept burning in a cave near Kildare Villiage. She has a shrine in the Kildare Forest in a mountain cave that has a perpetual flame inside.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Brigid keeps in good shape, with constant exercise, especially with her smithwork. Her favorite ways are swimming, running, and craftsmanship. She is strong, dextrous and extremely healthy, never overeats, and only drinks in moderation (of course with her divine constitution, she can drink a lot).

Body Features

She is tall, slim, and muscular. Her light bronze skin glows like sunlight is emanating from it.

Facial Features

She has a long angular face, with high cheekbones, and pointed ears, and her hair has a fiery aura (no heat).

Physical quirks

She is constantly surrounded by at least 2 or 3 wild animals or fae creatures.  Her skin and hair glow. Constantly has a dreamy look on her face as if she is listening to someone that others can't see.

Special abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Brigid is as strong as she needs to be. 
  • Extremely long-lived, cannot die by mortal means. 
  • Immune to mortal diseases and poisons.
  • Divine regeneration, super healing
  • Divine constitution
  • Divine magical ability to imbue magical weapons or items
  • Change self/polymorph/animal form at will
  • Teleport, levitate, end telekinesis at will

Apparel & Accessories

  • Red or green dress or belted long tunic (above knees)
  • purple or green shawl or cloak
  • green leafy crown or ringlet
  • bronze broach
  • leather apron when smithing
  • bronze breastplate, Celtic shield, Warhammer, spear or longsword 

Specialized Equipment

  • Her favored weapon is a light hammer +6 (of distance, throwing, returning, and transformation--it can transform into a [magical long spear +4 or longsword +4]. 
  • Extended oval Celtic shield (of defending, throwing, and returning).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was raised by the Kildare Family of Elf, Sun, an elven couple living in the Kildare Forest. Her mother placed her inside the womb of the elven woman to be raised as her own. Until she became an adolescent, she had no idea that her true family was of the Aeonian.


Brigid was born at sunrise in her mother's bedroom. At the moment of her birth. The sun (Goddess Innana) filled the room with light, a pillar of fire surrounded the house, and shot to the heavens to warn her true mother of her birth.


She embodied womanhood in all of its guises. It was said that she had a radiant beauty around her and an aura of calm and wisdom when you were near her. With fiery red hair, blue eyes, and a glowing cloak like sunlight.


She apprenticed herself to the local herbalist to learn about healing. The wild animals also taught her their lore.


A healer, sage, and craftsman; commonly a smith.

Failures & Embarrassments

She was unable to save her mortal parents when the village decided to burn they homestead while she was away communing with nature.

Mental Trauma

Her sadness at her parents death when she was 8 years old.

Intellectual Characteristics

She has a brilliant mind, and rarely has to see something once to know how it is done. Much knowledge is stored in her brain, she only has to forge the pathways to remember it so she can use it.

Morality & Philosophy

Brigid is a Neutral goddess, she makes her decisions based on a case-by-case basis. She doesn't care much about law, but about what is right from her perspective.


She despises anyone that kills for no reason, especially women and children. Desecration on nature riles her up as well.


Family Ties

She is the younger sister to [Bel Mithra, daughter to Innana, Goddess of Nature. She doesn't know who her father is or if her mother just created her. Her husband is Bres and she bore him a son named Rua.

Religious Views

She venerates nature and the elements to honor her absent mother,

Social Aptitude

She is more at home in nature and natural beings instead of in large groups of people.


Her divine nature gave her the ability to communicate with all living things. This disturbed many people from the nearby village, so they shunned her unless they needed her healing skills.

Hobbies & Pets

Her brother gave her two of his Auroch'n as protesters and playmates, their names are Fea and Femen. She was often seen riding one or the other of her friends.


She has a deep contralto voice and talks in an Irish-like brogue.
Divine Classification
Goddess and Aeonian
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Circumstances of Birth
Born at sunrise, the sun (Innana) filled the room with light.
Kildare Homestead in the Kildare Forest
Bright blue
Long fiery red
5' 8"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
She knows all languages, but she refuses to speak the languages of evil beings.
Ruled Locations
Character Prototype
Celtic Goddess Brighid

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