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Chosen of Bel

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Chosen of Bel are a group of people that follow the teaching of Bel Mithra, he taught those that came to him and asked for his knowledge. He told them that he wasn't a god, but they didn't believe him and thought that he was just being modest. They follow his example throughout their lives. They train the bulls to entertain in the arena in the temples and to go to war in need. They even choose one every year that is getting old and can't perform any more to be sacrificed at Midsummer.


This religion is in veneration of Mithra and his chosen animal the bull, especially his children the Auroch. Many of them are herdsmen and trainers of bovines. They never misuse cattle and always treat them with respect, only killing them when needed. They are a teaching temple, accepting children into their school, training doctors, husbandmen, acrobats, and soldiers.


The head of the religion is called Pater or Father. There are several "ranks" and job categories within the temple.

  • novitiate, like pages, also those in school to be scribes, etc.
  • groom, takes care of the animals, especially cattle.
  • aquar, water-bearer.
  • medic, for people and animals.
  • salator, dancer.
  • soldier, those who take military training.
  • bull-dancer, and rider.
  There are also:
  • teachers
  • military trainers
  • clerics
  • priests
  • doctors
  • etc


The Chosen of Bel are a group of people that started venerating Bel Mithra after a herdsman in the mountains saw him cavorting with his chosen herd of bovines. His various supernatural acts like creating the Auroch race of animals caused this man to start spreading the word of Mithra's divinity. Previously he had been able to keep a low profile, but no longer.


More and more people flocked to the highlands to witness these events and gradually to start emulating them. This group started calling themselves the Chosen of Bel and to many others, they were just a cult because no one else had ever heard of this new god or his abilities. Their group began to grow after they built their first Temple and became a structured religion. Many still don't recognize Bel Mithra, but they do respect the skill of the people that they train in their temples.


There are different levels of education here. Some of the training is listed below.

  • Basic education for all children.
  • Trades pertaining to cattle husbandry, veterinarians, groomsmen, pages, leatherworkers, etc.
  • Dancers, acrobats, medics, and soldiers.
  • Doctors, astronomers, and other highly trained professionals.
  • Priests, friars, clerics, deacons, etc.

For the glory of Bel!

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Chosen of Bel, Chosen of Mithra, the Chosen, Friends of Mithra,
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Major Exports
Trained war bulls for pulling chariots and riding; shepherds, husbandman, soldiers, doctors, acrobats, and pages.
Neighboring Nations
Organization Vehicles

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