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Order of the Justiciars

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Justicars are a splinter group of the Templars, they believe in justice above all. There are many levels in their organization, from cadets to the High Master of Justice. The common justicar is often a traveling judge, a clerk, or a judge. They also have a militant arm that can be guards or police where needed.


They can arbitrate disputes, deal with criminals, and establish laws where none exist. As well as be diplomats, juries, bounty hunters, lawyers, or executioners.


High Justicar, judge, marshal, lawyer, clerk, cadet.


All justicar follows a code of chivalry, duty, law, justice, and sometimes vengeance. Depending on their rank on what part of the code pertains to the specific justicar. Most are of a neutral alignment, but any is allowed as long as they follow the code.

Public Agenda

Uphold justice, minimize internal strife to maintain stability throughout Atlantia Continent, administer justice wherever its needed.


There are many nobles that contribute to their upkeep, and anyone that seeks their justice must pay for the right of their judgment. Their current jurisdiction is within Atlantia Continent, but wherever they have a temple, their code extends.


The Atlantean Guard brought their worship of the God Abadar with them to Aquatica. Many of the guard follow the vengence tenets of Abadar through his servant Ragathiel.

Demography and Population

All that lives on the Atlantian continent.


The continent of Atlantia and anywhere a temple is built.


Marshals, and Guards.


The members worship the God Abadar or any god of justice or law.

Agriculture & Industry

Nearby farms tithe part of their yield to the upkeep of the Justicars.

Trade & Transport

At times they also accept barter (food, materials, work) instead of coins to pay for judgments.


Justicars often adopt children from nearby to train to add members for their order. They are well-educated so they can learn the code and the laws in surrounding areas.

Tenets of Faith

The Code is very long and detailed. It evolved over many centuries. A quorum of the upper echelons of the Justicars can petition the High Justicar to change some of the tenets. It is rare but it has happened. 
  • Benevolence
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Sincerity
  • Righteousness
  • Honor
  • Self-control
  • Loyalty


  • Protect the innocent
  • Uphold the law
  • Punish the guilty
  • Defense of common law and customs
  • Let the punishment fit the crime
  • Follow your leadership


The priesthood is similar to any other temple or monastery.

Granted Divine Powers

  • Aura of Truth
  • Authority/Leadership
  • Arbitrator of the Law
  • Gaes Touch or Oathtouch
  • True Shot

Justice over All

Court System
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Gold, silver, copper.
Legislative Body
Council of Law.
Judicial Body
Executive Body
Judges, Lawyers, and Marshals.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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