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High Justicar

Written by Pookas Kreations

The High Justicar is the leader of the Order of the Justiciars. He or she oversees the order, makes sure the order is followed correctly, keeps in contact with the Church of Abadar, and is in charge of upholding diplomatic relations with the various nobles, governors, and various temples and halls.


They are the ultimate authority on law, order, and justice.


Perfect memory, diplomacy, calm demeanor, good under pressure, etc.


They are voted in by the other Justicar.


Overseeing the Order of the Justiciars, code enforcement, and various other duties.


Ambassador to other kingdoms, protecting the Church of Abadar and assigning them anywhere they are needed.


Mostly the prestige of the position.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Robes, staff, office, opulent apartments, and board.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Breaking the code, gross mismanagement of the order and its responsibilities.
It is in full force.
On behalf of Abadar, God of Justice, his follower Ragathiel influenced the creation of the Order of the Justiciarss.
Form of Address
Your Lordship
Alternative Naming
High Justicar, Lord of Justice
Equates to
Duke or Count depending on the kingdom.
Source of Authority
Abadar, God of Justice
Length of Term
Life or until voted out.
First Holder
Current Holders
Related Organizations
Related Professions

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