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Urtho's Invisible Castle

Written by Pookas Kreations

Little is known about Urtho’s workshop/laboratory in the clouds. It is mostly just stories handed down by nosy neighbors, visitors, and workers. Those that know the truth don’t break the trust they were given.

Urtho took some of the techniques from the Astralus, on ways of hiding in plain sight or out of phase. Unless you know the key phrase, the door won’t open to the new level. There is an extensive complex above, that most don’t know to exist.

Purpose / Function

Urtho built his lab this way to keep his experiments away from prying eyes and from his unscrupulous co-workers. This way only him and specific people that he gave access to could enter and engage in work


He made this building invisible and slightly out-of-phase with the rest of Aquatica. Only those he gave access to can enter because of its bio-lock.


Lightstone from the Skylands was used in its construction. He cast a spell on many of the stones to allow an unobstructed view from anywhere that he pleased.
Alternative Names
Urtho's Floating Lab
Parent Location

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