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The Dwindling Watch

While nothing can manipulate time, not even mysticism, one attempt came very close. The Dwindling Watch, or Pernet's Watch, makes the wearer experience the world around them in a slowed-down state. It is said the watch is such a powerful artefact, a hundred heart stones were needed to create it.


The watch was invented in 2474 SD, by the Avent inventor and mage Remi Pernet, famous for his contributions to medicine and mysticism. The story goes that Pernet was always late to appointments. One day, one of his companions not practiced in the mystical arts, while holding onto his pocket watch, jokingly said: "If only you could influence time, my friend, how splendid that would be for you." Pernet saw this jesting comment as a challenge, and would spent the rest of his life researching time.
At first, his research into mathematics and horology was innocent, but soon his need to manipulate time became an obsession. He would cancel appointments to research, even left the Royal Academic Society of Aventarle, and eventually became a hermit. Then, after a decade, all of a sudden, Pernet returned to society, and was never late to an appointment again.

Working Mechanics

Like many philosophers at the time, Pernet argued that time is not a variable in itself, but only so in the eye of the observer. If there is nobody to observe time, time does not exist. Thus, it is only logical that time can be manipulated by manipulating the observer. With his knowledge on anatomy and medicine, combined with his knowledge of mathematics and horology, Pernet succeeded in mystically crafting a pocket watch which influences the observer of time.

Unknown whereabouts

Pernet was without wife or children, and after his death his watch switched owner faster than coin money. Everybody wanted to own that magnificent timepiece either to understand its working mechanism or to benefit from its ability. It was bought, gifted and stolen so often that the current whereabouts are unknown. The Mystical Society of Aventarle is still searching for it, as they deem the artefact and Pernet's knowledge of time to be too powerful for anybody to possess.


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