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Rhelliganth's Reliquary

One time on a trip through the Rimeshards, I ran across a small group of dragonkin with a covered wagon. All of them were heavily armed, and paranoid about my intentions. It only got worse when I asked why they seemed so protective of their cargo. I still don't know what they were transporting, but spending a night dodging their searches... I am reasonably sure I don't want to know.
— Andra Scoll, Imperial Surveyor
  Scholars often debate what the total age is of Erisdaire, trying to put together all the pieces of history so it can make sense. There are numerous impediments to this process, as sources are hard to find before some eras. Then there are sources which simply are not available as anything other than oral tradition, which may or may not be true. It is thus understandable the existence of Rhelliganth's Reliquary frustrates a great number of the scholars aware of its existence.

The Reliquary is in the possession of the Heirs of Rhelliganth, and it is said to contain texts which originate from a period before the elves began spreading their own civilization through Erisdaire. The vessel is made of thick adamantine, and furthermore decorated with orichalcum fittings and runes etched in the sides. The seams have been sealed with the orichalcum, rendering it nigh-impossible to open without damaging the contents. Or destroying the vessel and contents entirely.


The Heirs of Rhelliganth are the current possessors of the Reliquary, and are fiercely protective of knowledge of it even existing. Thus far it is known they recovered the vessel from an old ruin, and an oracle told them of its significance. Members of the Heirs used to speak about it with hesitation, making it clear the Reliquary was not something to take lightly. Inside the vessel are said to be ancient texts from a time lost to history, the last remnants of a kingdom ruled by the gold dragon Rhelliganth. The stories spoke of powerful warriors known as Titans who led the giants in battle against dragon kingdoms, tearing them down and razing everything. Only these texts escaped their grasp, placed in this vessel so they could survive the ravages of time.

After the origins of the Reliquary had been established, the Heirs put it in one of their few holdings for safekeeping. They called this place "Hallownest", and were in the process of constructing a vault for the Reliquary when an attack struck. At first, the attack seemed like it was simply the normal raiders seeking an easy mark. After the third attack over the course of a moon, the Heirs realized there was a serious attempt to seize the Reliquary. Even after moving the Reliquary, attacks persisted against Hallownest until it was abandoned. This caused the Heirs to move the Reliquary more often, and closely guard even information about its location.

For a time, the Heirs were still willing to speak of it, even if only to those who proved themselves allies, but this changed after another incident with a Sage from Myrisic. This Sage wanted to study the Reliquary, and when the request was refused he used magic to track down its location. Once the Reliquary was located, the Sage went to its location and attempted to force it open with his magic. After dealing with this new problem, the Heirs took care to properly ward the Reliquary from future attempts to discern its location and no longer spoke of it beyond admitting it existed and how it was important to their order.
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